Sunday, January 5, 2014

How Can You Describe 'Financing Based on Revenue'?

Having a foundation in the form of future revenue of the company, business owners are provided with capital for financing based on revenue. The 'cap', which is a multiple that is already agreed upon, is added to the total payment i.e. the principal.

Paperwork in this case is very less or nil because what is wanted to be reviewed to satisfy the approval factor, is the bank statement. In addition, the merchant statements possessed by you may also be required. The approval of funds may take around one day to materialize.

The basic idea behind all this financing refers to the cash flow and revenue that the company generates. This is an actual and a superior indicator with reference to the overall financial health of the company. The ability of the company to repay the borrowed amount is also exposed by the revenue generated and the cash flow.

When do we see the Financing Based on Revenue perform better?

One can get this revenue amount if the business succeeds and generates a high profit margin every time. Also, a company showing rapid growth produces a good revenue amount as well.

How Does This Type of Financing Benefit?

1. For the purpose of obtaining a loan, there is no need to produce any type of collateral.

2. There is no requirement of a Personal Credit.

3. There is no need or requirement of a Personal Guarantee either.

4. Suppleness: financing like this differs from the typical bank loan wherein only a fixed sum of money is needed to be paid off by the borrower each month. As a matter of fact, in this case of business financing, the financing company as well as your company finds the interests linked. This is because, as and when the revenue grows, growth can be observed in both the parties; whereas when there is a lower generation of revenue, both of them suffer.

5. The loan speed is more when you compare it with a bank loan. After a speedy process of approval, the amount gets directly transferred into the bank account. As quick as it seems, the money can be fully accessed within a short period of seven days.

6. Only a few bank statements of the previous months are required here.

Concluding Remarks:

The restrictive and stringent rules carried by bank loans make them difficult to obtain. Financing that is based on revenue can be considered as a good option with reference to business that calls for working capital quickly to begin and flourish.

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